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October 15, 2021
Medical Assistant’s Code of Ethics, Creed and Scope of Practice
October 15, 2021

Management Interviews

Management InterviewsInterview two persons in a nursing leadership/management role, such as a Charge Nurse/Team Leader, Head Nurse/Manager, Director of Nursing, or Chief Nursing Officer.  Select one leader that has been in the role less than two years and the other that has at least two years of leadership or management experience. Compare and contrast the findings from the two interviews with the best practices identified in the literature. Then reflect on your own perceptions of the roles.   For example, would you see either as a career goal for yourself?  Why or why not?In your interviews, ask each person the following questions:What are the qualifications for your management position?What type of training did you receive for this position?Describe a challenge you have had related to decision making, staffing, conflict or discrimination.  How did you overcome it?Describe specific methods you utilize to build an effective health care team.What skills are there to master to support your performance in your role?Support your discussion and opinions with facts, relevant examples from personal nursing practice.All submissions must have a minimum of two scholarly references to support your work.Examples of work to show mastery:3-4 page paper – APA format


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