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January 8, 2018
“How Good Are Your Communication Skills?
January 8, 2018

Managerial And Business Communication

Managerial And Business Communication

 Kindly read the scenario below and let’s get started on our first week, first discussion and more important, first time chatting with each other!

“Transactional Communication Model.”  Please respond to the following:

Scenario: You are attending a town council meeting where you meet community leader Fran Richardson who is influential in the transportation business. You and Richardson obviously have a lot in common and your conversation is animated and friendly. As a manager in an engineering firm, you know that Richardson could be a valuable contact. Your conversation is interrupted with the start of the meeting. Richardson says to you, “Let’s meet for lunch. I’ll call you soon.”  Students will respond to the following:
Apply the transactional communication model to the above scenario, when you met community leader Fran Richardson. Using each of the model’s elements:

  • Explain each component of the transactional communication model.
  • Assess how each element listed below influences the interpretation of a message’s meaning:
    • Sender
    • Receiver
    • Channel
    • Message
    • Feedback
    • Noise
    • Context
    • Simultaneous and Continuous

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