Orange, Inc. is a well-known designer and manufacturer of cell phones, computers, tablets and their associated software and operating systems. Suppose that Orange, Inc. is financed with 100% equity and has a market value of $423 billion. Suppose also that Orange has a WACC of 7%. Investment bankers have approached Orange’s CFO and proposed that
January 5, 2018
The new project requires 25 software engineers that will have to be newly hired at an annual cost of $2.5M per year. In addition to the salaries of the new engineers, corporate HR will charge the new project a one-time ‘fee’ of $25K per new hire to “cover the cost” of maintaining the HR department.
January 5, 2018

How many different ways can they assemble the 5 chips on the 8 empty sockets?

To lower manufacturing costs at an engineering company, they are trying to design printed circuit boards (PCBs) that can be reused on a number of products. For some products, not all components will be assembled on the board. For some products, all components will be assembled. After some study, a first PCB comes out and it has 8 sockets for a common chip. So up to 8 of these chips can be assembled. For the lower model of the product this will have 5 chips assembled and for the upper model, all 8 sockets will be populated.
a) How many different ways can they assemble the 5 chips on the 8 empty sockets?
b) Suppose they start production of a medical version of the same product. The medical model is based on the upper model, where all 8 sockets are filled. But now, on 4 of the sockets high-grade,
high-quality chips are assembled, and on the remaining 4 low-grade commercial chips are assembled. How many different ways can they assemble the 8 chips now?


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