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module one 1 1 discussion the role of a systems analyst discussion topic

An Introduction to IT Systems Analysis

In Module One, students will be introduced to the role of an IT systems analyst. The systems analyst is expected to have a full vision of the business problem as well as the technical architecture problem. A systems analyst not only bridges business technology gaps, but also is expected to be knowledgeable in many system areas of IT. The systems analyst does not construct the actual product, but instead designs, models, presents and leads the solution architecture. In Module One, students will begin working through a course long business case by starting with the business case review and summary.

After researching the roles of a systems analyst, select a specific activity or responsibility of the systems analyst. Define the purpose of the systems analyst and why it is important in the overall systems analysis process. Write this post to an audience of IT specialists. Use proper technical terms and language. Research the topic further using scholarly sources as needed to create a complete technical definition. Review job postings in addition to other information you find.

In responding to your peers, select an activity or responsibility definition that was different from your post. Provide an executive summary of the activity as you would communicate to an executive of a business management team.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.


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