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February 27, 2020
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Multicultural and social counseling competencies

Multicultural and social counseling competencies

Case of the Team

Traumatic stress is described as normal reaction mostly in a person due to a traumatic event that happened like; a plane crash, terrorist attack, natural disaster, and also a violent crime. In most cases, a person can end up having depression or anxiety and other illnesses may attack. Traumatic stress can cause a person to experience all kinds of surprising and difficult emotions that include guilt, shock, and also anger. In the case study, the community experience ether the same traumatic stress due to the disaster that occurs. In 2011 there was a natural disaster that happened, and most people died; the disaster killed around 30,773 people and those that needed medical assistance were 244.7 million. Those who survived were left with different kinds of problems, including traumatic stress. The stress can cause a person to experience all effects in their lives like behavioral, spiritual, emotional, physiological, and also psychological.

Most people in the community faced emotional effects due to the traumatic event. Some emotional reactions like hopelessness, worrying about safety, anger, denial, fear, anxiety, sadness, and restlessness. With emotional effects, there is no specific order to what people may experience or what emotional impact will come first. Behavioral is another impact that a people experience and some of the changes include a change in appetite, sleeping, and also different activities that one engages in. Apart from those people may also decrease their effectiveness and efficiency in doing a normal task, frequent arguments, difficulty in communication, an outburst of anger (Carrola, & Brown, 2018). Behavioral changes can also increase the usage of alcohol, social withdrawal, and even accidents due to the lack of paying attention. Physiological effects in traumatic stress mostly affect the health of a person, and one will end up suffering from high blood pressure, an increase in heartbeat, nausea, sweating, and upset stomach. As one experiences their kind of effects, in-person health will become even worse. However, despite the reaction that the community has due to traumatic stress, there is hope for the community to experience resilience, and they will be able to cope with traumatic stress. With the help of a team, the communities have shown interest in getting better and recover quickly.

Case of Jeanette

Most people suffer from poverty and racism that affects a person’s life. Jeanette experiences the same, and her concern was to how other people are suffering due to the bad treatment. One of the factors is social class; when a person is identified according to the social class, it is mostly done by the look of the level of occupation, income, and occupation. People who are considered to be poor mostly receive low-wage and unemployed. Furthermore, poverty and racism have affected the life of Jeanette in different ways. Poverty is not just about lack of economic resources; thus, it is beyond that. As Janette is a concern with this kind of oppression, a person living in poverty experience deprivation, which is a form of nonmonetary. With such, there is inadequate space of living where the is environmental pollution, often crime-ridden and noisy neighborhoods, lack of proper air condition, and lack of running water. The kind of lifestyle a person’s mind will always be negative and s result; poverty will continue to strike.

Racism is oppression, where one is discriminated against due to a person, has originated. Jeanette also experiences this kind of oppression and how other people suffered. To some, they were discriminated against, and at the same time, they faced poverty, which is affecting their life and some end up having health issues (Ratts,, 2016).  According to Jeanette, counseling can help a lot, and with the right guidance, one will be able to overcome the oppression and find courage to better their life. In counseling, it can include the feminist orientation that is used in sharing power and mutuality, mostly between dyad counseling. Poverty and racism are the main concerns that Jeanette has, and with the help of therapy, changes will occur, and one will start appreciating them and doing their best with whatever one has. According to her, change is possible if one is willing to get help and be willing to change.

Case of a 17-year-old student.

In the case of the girl, her change of behavior was caused by what she went through at her home. Her withdrawal and poor performance are the consequences of her suffering. Her parents denied her socializing due to her background origin thus having different sources does not make a person different; however, her parents made her feel that way. They stopped allowing her to go to extracurricular activities, outing with her friends, and also she could not pick any call from her friend. Her parents were very insecure; thus they would always drop and pick her up at school. Their act is the main reason why she has withdrawn from everything, including the urge to study, thus performing poorly. In this situation, the setting of the school allowed their student to socialize with other schools; however, that information was not given to parents, and her parents found out using other means. Some elements, like lack of communication, trust, and socialization, are part of the situation.

As a school, they would have taken a chance and inform the parent that they allow a student to socialize with other students so that children can decide if they allow. Also, the parents lacked trust in their child, and as a result, they became overprotective and denied their child freedom even to socialize with her friends, which is wrong. In the situation, the girl needed counseling, and the counselor should try and explain some personality attributes like openness, so that she may be helped (Ratts,,2016). Furthermore, the parents need to be tools in the importance of socializing and interacting with other students and think on the positive side. Socializing will enable a student to learn more things; thus, one will not be left behind even in education. When a child has a good relationship with a parent, one will portray some personal characteristics like honesty, dependability, sincere and also intelligent, and as a result, in everything, they will become perfect, including school performance.

Case of Martinez family

In these cases, a study is about a family who was called the Martinez family, and they were brought for counseling. The Martinez family was Latino, and the family was leaving together, and it was extended. Victor, who is the father, has had a history of drug abuse, which is heroin since he was a teenager. The family was big; however, according to the therapy, there is a pattern in the family of separation, drug abuse, and also loses. He lived with his mother, who was 54 years, her sister, who is 36and both of them were divorced, and he also lived with his great aunt, his brother, and nephew. As victor was a drug addict, he could not sustain a job for more than three weeks. According Rousseau, Mekki-Berrada,and Moreau, (2010), the examination, the genogram showed that the family had three-generation patterns of separation and different losses. Victor reunited with his family, but it took nine years for him. Victor’s mother gives him money fr drugs because she fears her son being arrested to avoid the shame, and although victor has gone to get help, his addiction is beyond help because he cannot stop using heroin.

Handling such a family with this kind of issue is very critical, and the counselor needs to be careful in dealing with each member and addressing different problems. To connect to a person, one needs to be taken slowly and ensuring that an individual has had a clear understanding of the concept addressed. Additionally, for the Martine’s family, each member has an issue; thus, they need to be resolved one by one using the language that they understand, and after creating a connection, they can be addressed as a family. At the same time, a solution is suggested by each member.

In conclusion, Multicultural and social justice counseling competencies are essential because most of the clients have gotten their help through counseling. The different family has known the importance of getting help, and after the counseling session, one experiences positive result. In the four cases, there are different issues like poverty and racism discrimination, traumatic stress, lack of socializing, and the family issue of loss and separation. All the victim’s only solution is to get counseling to recover fast and live a normal life.



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