Museum Visitation
February 15, 2020
Paper With 600 Words Min
February 15, 2020

Museum Visitation

Write a Report (Read all directions carefully before you start!)

Make sure your paper has a title.

Make sure your paper is AT LEAST 700 words.

Your paper must be typed in a 10-12 point font, double-spaced with margins that are no more than 1 inch.

Please make sure to turn in your own work. Use your own words, not summaries of the descriptions of the artwork listed in the exhibit brochure or displayed with the objects’ titles.

Any papers that are plagiarized will be turned back to the student and an “F” grade will be given.

I will include my sketches for you to look at and write about which are the objects I chose and saw at the museum, I will also include photos of the objects and descriptions of what I chose to help.
Please avoid using citations unless absolutely necessary, this is a report on the objects I chose at the museum and how I felt about them. (although feel free to make stuff up about how I felt)


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