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June 11, 2021
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Marymount University just learned that sensitive information has been stolen from a student information system and posted on the Web. After reviewing web server and database logs, the MU IT Services believes that the source of the problem is a SQL injection vulnerability. The vulnerability appears to exist in a web application used by students to register for courses. As part of the incident response report to be submitted to the MU Front Office, your supervisor asks you to provide details about this type of vulnerability, how an attacker might exploit it, and methods of detection and removal.


Research SQL injection attacks on the Internet to supplement your existing knowledge. Using the information you discovered during this research, in conjunction with what you learned in class, write an incident response report for MU detailing the following information:

A non-technical description of SQL injection vulnerabilities intended for a college management audience.

The threat that SQL injection poses to the college’s data. Include three possible scenarios that describe how an attacker might conduct this type of attack, the information that they may be able to obtain, and how they might use it maliciously.

An implementation plan to fortify the college’s web applications against SQL injection attacks

A monitoring plan that will provide:

Early warning to developers and security administrators that a SQL injection vulnerability exists in a web application

Detection of successful and unsuccessful attempts to conduct SQL injection attacks against college systems

Submission Requirements

Format: Microsoft Word (or compatible)

Font: Times New Roman, size 12, double-space

Citation Style: APA

Length: 2 pages


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