Regarding the Bhopal Disaster, all of these statement are true EXCEPT: plant managers attempted to address worker complaints, but not soon enough.
October 1, 2020
technologies supporting applied practice and optimal patient outcome
October 1, 2020

nursing philsipy

Nurse leaders are advantaged when they develop deep knowledge of their own philosophy of leadership: inclusive of values, ethics, and attitudes about inclusion, accountability and responsibility. Your philosophy should relate to the nursing profession and to leadership.

In this assignment, you will write a philosophy statement, you will analyze that philosophy statement, and discuss how you developed it. Your analysis and description of your synthesis process tells how you selected the leadership elements (use references) and how you synthesized those elements into the philosophy. It is in this section that you will connect your philosophy to course content along with your personal professional experiences and professional motivations. For example, if you were influenced by a particular theory of motivation, state that and give a reference. Its likely that influences come from many sources; this course, leaders youve known, parents/family members, spiritual/religious leaders, concepts from other courses, etc. You can include all types of sources of influence, simply reference them.  (note: Check the APA 7 manual for how to cite things like interviews and conversations check the index for personal communication in the Reference section).

Your paper is to be a maximum of 8 pages, excluding title and reference pages. No abstract is required. A brief introduction is helpful to the reader to understand what is about to be read. You will upload your assignment into Module 0 for grading

Section    Key Points    Possible Points    Points Earned/ Comments
Introduction    Set the context general information about why you would define a personal philosophy    10   
Your leadership philosophy    Description of your leadership philosophy    40   
Analysis and synthesis of your philosophy supported with references    An analysis and description of how you synthesized of your philosophy. Include supporting citations/ references of the elements in your philosophy    40   
APA 7    This assignment is done in the APA 7 style. Grammar and punctuation are correct. Citations and references are in correct format and sufficient to validate the elements discussed.    10   
    Total Points    100   


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