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August 16, 2018
How is assisted living different from residence receiving care in a nursing home or rehabilitation center? Why is assisted living such a growing field of health care today?
August 16, 2018

Nursing-statement of purpose

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Research comes in all forms: on a large scale in institutions as well as at the bedside to improve quality of care for patients. For this essay, focus on the problem you will use for your Evidence-Based Policy and Practice Essay in Module 8. In your clinical experience as a student or practicing nurse, consider some aspect of your work that is enigmatic, perplexing or troubling. Can you conceive of any procedure, practice, or information that would improve the quality of your work in that area or improve the care you provide? Ask yourself a series of similar questions until a general approach to solving the problem or contributing to the solution emerges. Narrow the problem area until you have a workable statement of purpose for a study with a problem statement. The essay is to be no more than three pages in length.
The rubric is posted at the end of this assignment description. Prepare a professional essay using APA format and academic writing skills. Start the essay with an introduction and end the essay with a conclusion. Include a rationale for each of the answers in well-drawn paragraphs. In the body of the essay, use the three assigned headings titled as follows:

General Problem
Describe the problem. What makes it enigmatic, perplexing or troubling?

Statement of Purpose
What do you hope to accomplish in developing an Evidence-Based Policy and Practice?

How would solving the problem increase the quality of care for patients or clients?

PLS use My Statement below with instruction above:
“In hemodialysis patient with ESRD what is the effect of clean technique used now in comparison to Sterile technique on risk of infection for central venous catheter patients.”


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