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October 14, 2021
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October 14, 2021

Nutrition assignment 11

AssignmentCreative diagram or infographic on one macronutrient’s journey through digestion and absorption in the body.DescriptionThe learning objectives for this chapter focus heavily on mechanisms and processes involved in nutrient digestion and absorption, specifically how food molecules are broken down into their unique constituents and absorbed for usage in the body. This assignment requires students to create a diagram or infographic on a macronutrient (carbohydrates, lipids/fats, or proteins) of choice, and how it progresses through the body during digestion and absorption.Students should be able to answer the following four questions:Macronutrient Source: what are some major food sources of this macronutrient?Digestion: how is this macronutrient digested?Absorption: how is this macronutrient absorbed?Limitations: are there any internal or external limitations on how this nutrient may be obtained for use in the body?Students should also provide an organized list of APA-formatted citations and sources.Student Resources/Recommended Readings:Distance Learning Systems 2020 Nutrition eBook, Chapter 4Canva templatesFotorBasic infographic templates for Google Slides and PowerPointGeneral examples of graphical diagrams and infographics:Hodgkin LymphomaOvarian CancerAtaxia telangiectasia


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