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November 23, 2020
Jane Austen’s novels, Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield Park
November 23, 2020

Order Fulfillment (neweggs) and UPS Works, management assignment help

NewEgg.com Order Fulfillment
How UPS Works
UPS and the Art of Sorting a Million Packages a Day
Read chapter 11, Managing Economies of Scale in a Supply Chain, Chapter 12, Managing Uncertainty in a Supply Chain, Chapter 13, Determining the Optimum Level of Product Availability and chapter 14, Transportation in a Supply Chain.  Watch the above video NewEgg.com Order Fulfillment,
Then discuss the importance of their warehouse order and inventory management system, and its impact on customer satisfaction. Discuss how their warehouse system helps them reduce costs but also maintain speed and accuracy in handling each customer order. Then watch video How UPS on How UPS Works and read the CNET.com article, UPS and the art of sorting a million packages a day.
Ten discuss the advantages and disadvantages of their central cross dock Worldport facility in Louisville, Kentucky. Discuss in your post, the impact that cross docking has on inventory costs, material handling costs and transportation costs, and how it also impacts customer satisfaction.
Please ensure you citation/reference if not your own work


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