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February 27, 2020
Multicultural and social counseling competencies
February 27, 2020

Practical application in counseling

Practical application in counseling

Case of Nikki

Nikki is a transgender male-female, and she is 17 years old, and she was taken for counseling because she became withdrawal, and her parents are anxious about her. At school, she was bullied; thus she lacks meaning even in her studies or also missed school sometimes. Being transgender is normal, and one need not feel inferior among others. She should be given a chance to explore her identity and expression because she just like any other girl and the only difference is that she has feelings for girls. For Nikki to be able to express her identity and expression there should be a display of anti-discrimination and confidentiality statement in her environment. In school, the administration should discourage discrimination, and anyone who discriminates others would face severe consequences.

By implementing will allow Nikki to express identity, and also other students who have been afraid? Furthermore, her parents should also use some affirmative sentences and encourage her that is not bad to be transgender. Her parents should never show any disappointment to Nikki so that she can have the courage to express her expression and identity with confidence. Also, to create space for Nikki, some gendered, heteronormative and patriarchal language should be avoided. Sometimes some words used on a transgender person can have harmful adverse effects than even actions (Xu, Wang, & Yang, 2019). Both school and certain home words that are would affect her identity should not be used and by doing that she will be able to express her personality and expression. As a result, her performance will improve because she knows she is accepted despite her gender identity.


Case of Sean

Sean abuse from his father became out of hand and made him fear him; even reporting to the child abuse was a problem. The therapist choice was the right decision because he cares a lot about Sean and his father abuse made him hove low self-esteem. Marginalization is defined as an experience where a person or an individual feels less essential and not worth in everything one does. Abuse is one of the reasons that cause marginalization and Sean family to face it. Sean was brought up by a single parent who was his father, and he was an alcoholic addict; thus, most of the time, he abused Sean physically. He came from a multicultural of Native American, black and white (Ratts, et.al 2016). Due to the abuse, Sean had low self-esteem, which affected her academic, and did not perform well. He was used to the abuse until he saw no need to report his father, and he chose to stay silence and bear with the abuse from his father.

When the therapist decided to report Sean case, a lot of things might change, including the marginalization. As a therapist, he had all the right to report because he cared about Sean well-being, and he wanted him to be safe from any abuse. Reporting will lead to an investigation where the child support will investigate the matter, including every hardship that Sean went through. There is an excellent possibility that he would be taken out from his father and he will face great consequences for child abuse which affected .Sean health and studies. People will start seeing Sean in a different way. Instead of being treated less importance, people will begin to understand him and understand that his reaction and lifestyle was due to his father abuse. If the therapist had not reported the matter, Sean would have continued to suffer the abuse, and at the end, the situation can be worse that can even cause death.


Case of Eduardo

In the case of Eduardo, Eduardo is faced with general anhedonia, depressed mood and inability to concentrate. Laura is his therapist, and he goes for a session to he can be helped. Eduardo is a cisgender and an immigrant from Dominican. He is facing intersectional issues where it is known to be a theory that has different social identities like gender, sexuality, class and race, which, as a result, contribute to discrimination and oppression. Eduardo was facing the same issue had a feeling for other guys but could not admit to himself that the ways and instead tried to cover it up with being in relation with females (Hardy, & Bobes, 2016). As he cannot accept who he is, feels like a loser and every time her therapist try to bring the subject up, he becomes angry and storms out of the session without even finishing it. Eduardo is ashamed of who is and does not want to disappoint his parents in any way, thus prefer doing the opposite of his desire. As she talks to Laura his therapist it is clear that everything he does with a female he uses it to cover the fact that he is gay for fear of people reaction and how people will start seeing him and judging.

As for Laura, she wanted Eduardo to understand that it is not harmful to express his identity and that he should accept who he is and be with whomever he wants. Although she has never handled such cases, she tries her best to show Eduardo that she understands him and that people have the right to express their emotions. She also made an effort to bring pamphlets which was advertising about bisexuals, gay and lesbian in the university and that they should not be discriminated in any way. As he talked to Eduardo he could not accept the fact that he is gay thus refused to attend session again. As Laura had an experience of her cousin being gay she clearly understand that it is not wrong to be gay and one need to express their fillings with confidence.

Case of Ling

In the case study Ling parent are in charge of every decision and ling cannot make any decision all by herself. Culture teachers are very important because they bring the best out of someone.Inorder to strengthen the working alliance is by giving the importance  of the culture tearchers.The are accurate in a way that they ensure that a person’s behavior are learned and displayed  mostly in a specific cultural context. Also through the cultural teacher a person can learn his or her identity as one integrate different  threads of experience.theteacher can help an individual to think outside the box where one should no stick to the tradition rather explore to  non-tradition theories and learn from them.

Cultural teachers may have an influence on her in difference ways and ling will be able to make the right decisions and have enough experiences. One of the influences is effective learning and as a result ling will experience some changes and overcome cultural shock, transformation and adapting to innovation. Being competence is another influence and an individual can be able to understand human behavior and communication, By allowing Ling Refused to attend session again. As Laura had an experience of her cousin being gay, she clearly understands that it is not wrong to be gay, and one needs to express their feelings with confidence.






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