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August 17, 2018
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August 17, 2018

Principles of Assesment in Clinical Teaching (Masters in Nursing)

Principles of Assesment in Clinical Teaching (Masters in Nursing)

1. Intro to identify Principles of Assessment (e.g formative, summative, diagnostic, norm and criterion and outcome based) in Teaching Clinical student nurses
2. Critically evaluate these principles of assessment
3. Purpose of assessment, what is it and give a brief summary i.e driving student learning, verify competencies, creates a learning plan.
4. Describe what is summative and what is formative- differences of each and give examples of situations each would be used in clinical setting (emergency department.

Definitions of each, examples of each.
5. Identify Assessment Tools and critically analyze e.g competences, exams, e-learning, simulation exercises ie assessing standards of performance during clinical

placements. Analyze what was good, bad, what worked, what was effective and have they been able to be used regulary and during a summative or formative learning

(probably formative more common)
6. Discuss validity, objectivity, reliabilty of tools.
A. Valid: Did tool actually measure what it was meant to measure, was it reliable, could the results be repeated if the tool was used again with another student
B. Objectivity: Have you been objective in your assessment?
Conclusion: do tools of students work in a clinical student nurse environment. Does the literature support what I have been doing as an educator in an

emergency/critical environment or do I disagree with the tools. Has the tools been applied well and has it worked?


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