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February 27, 2020
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February 27, 2020

Principles Of Management: Analysis

case question: What strategy is Channel 4 using?

Your analysis should briefly summarize the current situation then focus on analyzing the facts contained in the case in order to address the case discussion questions outlined below.  You should write this report as if you are a consultant reporting to a superior.  You should assume that this person is familiar with the case situation, therefore, she/he will be bored if you analysis simply describes the facts provided in the case.  Focus on your analysis and try to avoid making vague statements and suggestions such as we need to be more competitive.  Make solid, actionable recommendations.  In order to get paid (in this case a good grade), you do not want to repeat information that the client always knows.  

The format of the written part of the deliverable is: single-spaced 1 page max 


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