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professional development workshop on diversity challenges and opportunities

You are an independent consultant and are asked to prepare a Professional Development Workshop on one of the topic: Professional Development Workshop on: Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities. Develop an Interactive Workshop based on what you have learned in this subject.

1. Part 1 of the assignment consists of a schedule of the practical activities of the workshop (approximately 1200 words) and is based on topics discussed in class. You can be as creative as you wish in this part as long as you apply practically the chosen topic in the form of a professional workshop.

Please take care to consider the following factors when designing your workshop:

 The inclusion of activities that are relevant and interesting.
 The appropriate timing allocated to each of those activities.
 The way in which the topics and activities are integrated.
 The instructions that ensure the activities are facilitated well.
 The potential barriers to the successful implementation of the activities.
 The diversity of activities to suit the varied personalities of the participants.

2. Part 2 consists of final comments

(approximately 300 words) summarizing what you have hoped to accomplish through the workshop. None of the parts require any referencing.


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