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April 6, 2020
Ego Integrity PresentationEgo Integrity Presentation
April 6, 2020

Professional PowerPoint Presentation

Limit your slide to 6 words per line and 6 lines per slide. This is a fantastic method to remain organized and not overwhelm the audience – or yourself! Then, you can explore each thought more in-depth” (Josh, 2012).

· Have one idea per slide

· Have, at most, six bullet points

· Maximum six words per bullet point

· Each bullet point has six words (Zimmer, n.d.).

The explanation of the bullet points must be in the speaker notes. If you provide detailed speaker notes, this will serve as your transcript for the assignment. You will also do a voice over for each slide and you can simply read the speaker notes as your voice over script. Be sure to only spend no more than 10 minutes on this presentation.

PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines:

Title Slide

· Presentation Title

· You name

· Walden University

Presentation Format

· 6×6 rule: 6 bullets per slide, 6 words per bullet

· Same font for all slides (slide titles are usually a bigger font but should be same font size for every slide)

· No citations on slides, they go in the speaker notes (additional information to follow)

· No more than one picture/graphic per slide

Speaker Notes

· Required for all slides except title slide and references

· Explain the bullets on the slides

· Include the citations here


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