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February 27, 2021
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February 27, 2021

Public Administration Research Paper


DUE SEPTEMBER 26, 2020 by 5:00pm Eastern Time 

You will identify a problem in public administration. The problem Identified is Funding in Inner City Schools, the paper must focus on a component of public administration, such as budgets etc. 

The paper must include the following:

· abstract

· introduction

· background on the issue

· detailed presentation of the importance of the issue

· discussion of possible solutions

· recommendation for the solution.

The paper must be 8–10 pages and include a minimum of ten scholarly resources to support the work. 

Papers must be in Standard English using a 12-point format, 1-inch margins, and double spacing in MS-Word format. The American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines are the standards for writing and referencing papers in the MPA program. 


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