This assignment is an opportunity to craft a case study that you will use as the basis of several assignments in this course. A case study is a scenario in which the clinically relevant facts are pres
June 11, 2021
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June 11, 2021
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reading reflections 139


Here are some things to consider when approaching your reading reflections and discussion questions:

  1. SURPRISE. Identify something that surprised you or challenged a priori understandings that you had, something that you would have found hard to believe. In other words, WHY are you surprised?
  2. CURIOUS. Identify or discuss something that you would like to know more about. You might mention one or more cited sources.
  3. HELP. A Term or phrase/concept perhaps a theoretical argument that you find helpful/inspiring. It helped you to better understand the analysis presented.
  4. CONNECT. Something from this reading that relates to another reading, documentary film and/or discussion.
  5. BIAS. Are there any errors, biases or misinterpretations that you think the author has made? Explain using passages from the text.
  6. HOW did this text (alter/change/provoke) you to RETHINK how you conduct your life and/or how you view the lives of others?
  7. WHAT have you taken away from this reading that is UNFORGETTABLE? In other words, ten years from now what do you think you will member or recall from this analysis (or not)?


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