chapter 3 the biological basis of behavior reviews various aspects of the brain and nervous system as they relate to emotions behavior and other areas of functioning for this discussion board you will be writing about the organization of the nervous s
May 23, 2021
Bus 309: workplace ethics assignment | BUS 309 Business Ethics | Strayer University
May 23, 2021
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real estate 2 assignments

1. Describe your process to obtain approval for this work. Include the following discussion items:

·Design process to produce a plan to submit to the city. Include building lots, utilities and roads in your plan development.

·Planning process. What are the steps that will be needed to obtain approval and how long do you think it will take?

·Discuss you financing options. What will you need to obtain the money to do this development? Assume it will take cost about $10 million.

2. Describe the process you would go through to find space and help him execute a lease. Also include any consultants you may wish to hire to help you.



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