explain when it is acceptable to destroy a medical record
August 1, 2018
critically evaluate a published theory (nursing or non-nursing) and apply the model to your PICOT question.
August 1, 2018

Relation and Implications of Genetic and Genome Studies to Oncology Nursing

Has to have all of this! 1. Clearly state topic with brief explanation as to why it is important to focus on this area of study 2. Documentation and incorporation of findings from the literature (what the literature says and what other people think). Use 9 or more references- sources have to be credible. 3. Sensitivity to the multiple dimensions of a topic: governmental, ethical, professional, institutional (breadth). 4. Capacity to look beyond the surface of a topic (depth). 5. Ability to articulate your personal opinion, draw conclusions, and identify where further research or investigation is necessary. (Please see uploaded file for example of pape


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