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March 9, 2020
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March 9, 2020

Research Proposal on ACE’s

I want to see you get much more specific for the final proposal. With your research questions, the first one is descriptive. It can, but does not need to be included as a research question because you’re not testing a hypothesis with that. You then ask a couple of questions that may be qualitative rather than quantitative. The question that I think is really the one to ask for this proposal is your last question– Do child welfare workers ACE scores and coping skills predict their work related stress?

If you’ve got 2 predictor variables, then you would have 3 questions/hypotheses, as it would be a multiple regression. I believe that both ACE score and coping skills would be your IV’s- is that what you were thinking too? How do you plan to measure coping skills? It needs to be measured on an interval or ratio level for multiple regression, so make sure you clearly explain (operationalize) how you would measure each variable.

Overall, I’d recommend keeping the focus on this and leaving everything else out because it unnecessarily confuses things. Clearly identify what instruments measure your variables and describe those, but leave out anything that measures or collects data on anything that is NOT your variables. Make sense?

With regard to procedures, make sure you’re providing a LOT of detail and specificity. You seem to still be thinking through your plans and ideas in this proposal at this point, so for the final project I want to see you be a lot more sure of what you’re planning to do – given from the draft proposal – This needs to be included in the final draft. 


Propose a study involving a quasi-experimental or experimental research design. Be sure to name your study design, and use references to the text and other resources to provide evidence that your design is appropriate. To prepare for your proposal, review relevant research. Summarize in your introduction at least three of these studies. In your proposal, be sure to consider issues of diversity and research ethics, and to clearly describe the strengths and limitations of your study design.

Use the Quantitative Proposal Form given in the resources to complete your quantitative study proposal. Use references to support your assertions and claims. For example, if you identify something as a strength of this proposed study, be sure to cite evidence to support that claim. You are also expected to incorporate peer and instructor feedback from Unit 7 into the final submission of your quantitative research proposal.




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