criminology 32
February 24, 2021
find the force exerted by the swimmer’s arm holding the helicopter and(b) find the force exerted by the arm holding the survivor.
February 24, 2021

risk management reliability and availability assessment mmh323560 1

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Your task in this assignment is to look back at the issues and show what could have been done to prevent the disaster. In order to do this: Fully understand the causes and the issues relating to the Fukushima disaster. Write a detailed report covering the following: In the report, you should also make recommendations on what should have been done in terms of emergency and contingency planning. The Report is to be around 1500 words (excluding refrenced). Coursework 2 submission P/T xx December 2018 Dr Babakalli Alkali This assessment is worth 25% of the marks of the Total Coursework marks. Marking is as follows: Topic Marks Discussion of technical causes of failure.20% FTA, RBD, Cut Sets and probability of failure calculation.50% • The technical causes of failure from a design perspective.

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