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April 6, 2021
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April 6, 2021

Sba Assignment Due In 3 Days

SBA assignment due in 3 days

Assignment Steps:
Resource: The U.S.  Small Business Administration (SBA) website is perhaps the most valuable resource for any new entrepreneur in America for all aspects of starting, operating, and growing a business, and it would help the students in this class to use it like a handbook.  It is especially useful in learning more about financing a business and obtaining a loan.
Assess stages of financing in a minimum 1,200 words which includes the following: 
·  How can the SBA website help with financing (use the SBA website). What resources does the SBA website provide to the entrepreneur.
·  Explain the different stages of financing.
·  Analyze sources of financing through the life cycle of a firm.
·  Assess the trade-offs between debt and equity financing for an entrepreneur.
Cite a minimum of one peer reviewed reference from the University Library.

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