Identify your experience and discuss a real or potential ethical and legal aspect of the case which involved working collaboratively with health care professionals who were not nurses.
August 17, 2018
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) introduced the My Plate initiative to help Americans make healthy food choices and to be active every day.
August 17, 2018

Select a research article pertaining to your topic for your paper

This short paper is a report of a research study, designed to help you begin to prepare your term paper. This report, or part of it, can go directly into your term paper.

Select a research article pertaining to your topic for your paper.
——– If you do a literature search and do not find any research articles related to your topic you may need to search with different terms. A topic without any research studies will be problematic.

——— Be very sure you have selected an actual research study that has been published as an article. When you write your paper you may include other research studies and also references that are not research studies.

Spend some time reading and digesting the article.

Summarize the research study. Include the research objectives, type of research, population, sample, hypotheses, methods, results.

Briefly relate the study findings to your term paper
—–This may change later as you write your paper. For example, you might find a research study about a topic that will help you narrow down your topic. Depending on where you are in planning your term paper you might be able to state how this study supports other findings, is different, or replicates an earlier study with a different sample.

—–The study might be a key study that becomes a major piece of your own paper.

Include your own critique of the research. This need not be elaborate if it is a well designed study you can say that.

In the body of the paper you should include at least one direct quote and one example of paraphrasing using correct APA format to cite the reference for both.

Include a reference for the article in APA format, place this at the end of the paper.

Your written report should be 1 to 1.5 pages long.

Your paper should be written clearly and be well organized.


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