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February 23, 2021
Using the concepts outlined by the social constructionist approach assignment help
February 23, 2021

Spanish homework help

*All projects (PowerPoint; brochures; or video files) are to be submitted in Assignments by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April. 14th!

SPA 102
Cultural Project Topics
For the class you are required to complete one cultural assignment. This cultural assignment is worth 100 points and counts as 10% of your overall grade.
This project is due on:  Monday, April 10th
You must choose one of the following topics:

·         La Semana Santa (Holy Week)
·         Las Posadas
·         Fiesta de San Fermín (Sanfermines)
·         El Año Nuevo (in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, España)
·         La tomatina
·         Las Fallas
·         Carnaval
·         Día de los Reyes Magos
·         La Feria de Las Flores (Colombia)
·         Fiesta de San Juan Bautista (Puerto Rico)
·         Cinco de Mayo
·         Santaría (religion practiced in Cuba)
  • Research a Hispanic holiday and create a PowerPoint about what you learn. Include the date(s) of the holiday; where is the holiday generally celebrated (in which country/countries); how do the people celebrate; what types of foods, games, activities and traditions are popular; why is this holiday so important (what are its origins?) Lastly, compare and contrast this holiday to a similar holiday in the United States.
    1. Be sure to include pictures
    2. Dates/facts
    3. History
    4. Celebrations / foods/etc

Some holidays you may want to consider:

2.    Research Hispanic art / artists: Create a PowerPoint about a specific Hispanic cultural art that interests you.  Cultural arts can include: music, art, sculptures, dance, folkloric arts & crafts, etc.  Include the origins of the cultural art you are researching; in which country (ies) is the art most predominant; the cultural significance of the art or artist; unique elements and styles that are specific to the art or artist; your response and/or reflection on the art.  Is there any art/artist in the United States that represents American culture?  Include one style of art that does represent American culture and describe how it does so: origin; tradition; significance; unique elements & styles.

Some art or artists that may interest you are:

ArtistsArtMusicDanceFolk Crafts
Frida KahloLa Sagrada FamiliaCuban Soncumbiasantaría
Diego Riveramexican muralsBossa Novatangocascarones
Pablo PicassoGuernicaNorteñosalsaweaving
Salvador Dalítile muralsTigres del NortemerengueWoodwork – flautas; carritos (Costa Rica); et
Fernando Botero Orisha (group)bachatajewelry
Francisco Goya Carlos GardelflamencoSuperstitious talisman
Velázquez Vicente FernandezEl Tapatíopottery (varies per county)
Antoni Gaudi sevillanas Orishas gods
 Andean musicMusical instruments
(i.e. Spanish guitar; Spanish castanets; maracas; etc)

*Your presentation should be 7 -10 minutes in length & include a Reference slide/page: You must include TWO references cited in MLA format!
*Online courses: In lieu of an oral presentation, your classmates will be able to view selected cultural projects in D2L.  Students are required to view at least THREE presentations and write a response/reflection for each. (see below)
*Peer Response:  Your response/reflection to three different presentations posted by your classmates must include:

  • Something new you learned about the holiday or art form you did not know before you saw the presentation.
  • Reflect on how the holiday or art form is different from what you expected it to be like or how it is unique.
  • Of the projects posted, which holiday festivity/tradition would you prefer to attend and why? Or, which art form did you identify most with and why?

Peer responses will be available in a D2L discussion post a week or two after the project deadline.


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