What are going to be the flow rates of filtrate and concentrated suspension and the filtration area?
January 22, 2019
Materials science
January 22, 2019
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Teaching Procedural Skills

1. In “Teaching Procedural Skills”, three major components for the training of technical skills are discussed. Describe how this could be applied to clinical training in a Clinical Laboratory Science program. (3 pts)

2. Describe the importance of providing feedback in clinical training and when this feedback should be given. (5 pts)

3- Constructing a Learning Unit –
Construct 5 learning objectives and 5 multiple choice questions covering either “Teaching Procedural Skills” or “A programme to prepare instructors for clinical teaching”. Make sure your learning objectives are well written and cover all 3 domains of learning and all 3 levels. Your multiple choice questions should correlate to your learning objectives.


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