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Topic Analysis Othello English homework help

According to The Norton Shakespeare: Based on the Oxford Edition, “Othello is Iago’s show, partly because he wittily speaks to – not just before – the audience. Iago is also extremely talkative, uttering two hundred more lines than Othello himself” (see page 2112). In fact, it is Iago’s language that is most used in his manipulation of Othello.

Drawing on the introductory materials as well as the text, explain and find examples of Othello beginning to talk like Iago and explain their significance.

1. Pay particular attention to Act 3, Scene 3.

2. Be certain to craft an argument (900-1,200 words) that you will then prove with your writing, avoiding unnecessary summary.

3. Be certain to provide specific evidence from the play and the introductory material.


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