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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

What does Earth Science reveal about Zion national park through time?

Please use the attached outline.  I have cited the structure of the paper and need it broken down in 6 parts with headlines as follows: 

1.       Introduction

2.       Geography of Zion National Park

3.       Plate Tectonic setting of Zion

4.       Zions geologic story

5.       The weather and climate of Zion

6.       Conclusion

Please use my Thesis, and all evidence provided in the outline.  I have supplied sources for all the evidence and feel free to add to this list as needed.  Please make sure all the below bullets are discussed under each section.  There are a couple comments in red I added on the outline after it was written. 

The geography of your national park –

·        where it is located on Earth

·        what the topography is like (major mountains, lakes, etc.)

·        what surface processes are currently shaping it (rivers, ocean waves, etc.)

The plate tectonic setting of your national park –

·        where it is located relative to plate boundaries

·        what tectonic processes are active in the region (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.)

The geologic story of your national park –

·        what rocks and minerals are found there

·        what stories they tell about how your park has changed over geologic time. (For instance, was it once the site of an ocean or sea? If so, what evidence is there for that, and when did it happen?)

The weather and climate of your national park –

·        what the climate is like in your park

·        what extreme weather the park experiences

·        what effects of global climate change your park is already experiencing

·        what the projected impacts of climate change on your park may be—

·        what is currently being done, if anything, to address these challenges.


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