Convert the issue into an answerable question. Write the question and indicate what type of clinical question it is (a who, what, where, when or why question). Explain why.
October 13, 2021
October 13, 2021

why did gogol and max break up

Source text:M. Nair (Dir.). (2006). The Namesake. Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Purpose:To analyze the motivations of the characters in the movie.

To write an argument essay.

To practice the moves to make in an introduction.

Length: 800 words.

Genre: This is an argument essay. You need an answer to the question. That will be your main point. Then, you need several explanations that support the main point.Each explanation should be supported by specific examples from the movie.

Structure: Your essay should have three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. For such a short essay, you should use one paragraph for the introduction and one for the conclusion. The body should have at least one paragraph per explanation for a minimum of three; it could have more.You should follow the moves to make in an introduction that we studied in class.

Grading: Only the final draft of this essay will be graded. Grades will be based on accuracy of representation of the movie, strength of support for your main point (both the explanations and the examples), depth of analysis, following these directions, and progress made between first and second drafts.

These are the instructor instructions. i am an international student and i would like this essay to has an easy structure and simlpe words


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