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Writing a Convincing Global Warming Essay

Global Warming Essay Requires Sound Facts and Statistics to be Credible

Global warming is something which concerns everyone. With million of tons of toxic gases being emitted into the atmosphere, the issue of global warming is spreading concern throughout the world. When students are assigned the global warming essay, they should not have to rake their brains on what they should be writing about. As it is a current and controversial issue there will be much information available to write an excellent essay. First and foremost, a good essay cannot be written on global warming if a proper understanding of what this phenomena is not acquired.

Global Warming – The Concern
The earth’s atmospheric temperature has been rising over the past years. The average temperature on Earth has been increasing at an alarming rate. The temperature rise has been affecting the climate by changing the rainfall patterns and causing uneven climatic conditions. This temperature increase also increases the sea level as ice from the North and South Poles melt to increase the sea levels. This is cause for great concern as it affects the animals, habitats and humans. Almost 80% of global warming is caused by humans. But it has only been in recent years that people have begun to be concerned over this matter. Realizing the gravity of the issue, nations across the world are now rallying under groups as the Kyoto Protocol to reduce environmental emissions and manage this condition.

Topic for the Essay
Topics for the essay can be found easily. If familiar and easy topics are selected, students will be able to write better. Topics should also be manageable and easy to research. If students select topics which are complicated, they will meet with many obstacles when conducting research. You can talk about the repercussions or the remedies in your selected topics. If not, the efforts of the third world countries can be discussed. You can also use your knowledge gained when writing a China essay and choose to address the staggering emission levels of this global Industry giant. As you can see, there are plenty of interesting topics for your global warming essay.

Researching the Essay
Research is vital for any essay. Support the argument by using facts and statistics from reliable sources which can be found online and libraries. Provide as much facts and figures as possible which will add credibility to the essay. Once research is complete, students are advised to build an outline which will enable them to organize their thoughts in order to ensure that the essay makes sense.

Writing the Essay
An essay on Global Warming is a controversial issue. Therefore it can be written as a controversial essay. It can also be written as a persuasive or informative essay or a cause and effect essay and students who wish to do so should go through some example of persuasive essay or informative essay to obtain ideas as to how an essay of this type is written. If students wish to write a persuasive essay, do not forget to apply the appropriate persuasive essay format. You can also greatly benefit by going through some essay examples to gain a deeper insight in to writing this essay effectively.

Writing the Global Warming essay is a good way for students to be up to date and educated on a subject which is being discussed often. If the proper writing techniques are applied, students can present essays which will not only get them a good grade but also convince many readers of the importance of paying attention to the critical situation of global warming.

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